Best Films of 2022

Best Films of 2022

For our final post of the year, we’ve decided to have a look back on what we enjoyed in the cinema over the last 12 months! it was another strange one for film, but there was still a lot to enjoy…

15. The Good Boss– “The cinematography and the background music adds further ballast to what is a splendid film. With the lack of good news in the world here is a film that will bring a smile to your face.” – Frank L.

14. Red Rocket – “There’s a lot to enjoy in this film, with its impressive performances and depiction of small town Texas. It’s another quirky indie gem from a director who is building up quite a back catalogue of the same.”

13. Hive – “The film, with an unprecedented array of awards and prizes, is a steady and insightful account of one woman’s struggle against greater forces and in this sense she encapsulates the struggles of all people, be it in Kosovo or Ukraine, to overcome what is wrong.” – Hugh Maguire

12. Everything Went Fine

11. Bones and All – “It’s not quite a classic but there is enough originality and invention on display to demand your attention throughout.”

10. No Bears – “This is a complex meta-drama, with many elements of the script reflecting what is happening in real life. It is impossible to know which elements are real and which are not. It is an interesting story and well told by this expert filmmaker, in what must be very difficult circumstances”

9. The Souvenir Part II

8. Decision to Leave – “This is a beautiful film to watch and the acting is top notch with Tang Wei being particularly mesmeric as the widow of the deceased. “

7. Official Competition

6. The Banshees of Inisherin – This is both a beautiful and a complex film. It is timely as the centenary of the Irish civil war is currently taking place.

5. Aftersun – This is a sleepy and dream like affair. Holiday videos from the past and so much is left unsaid, you have to work it out for yourself. Paul Mescal is starting to look every inch the film star, and if he makes a few more gems like this, he’ll be the darling of the critics for years to come.

4. Living – Based on a film by Akira Kurosawa and adapted for the screen by Kazuo Ishiguro, there was a lot of talent involved in this one! Bill Nighy gives the performance of his career in a film that will make the toughest individual turn to a blubbering mess!

3. Parallel Mothers – “The challenges for single motherhood are part of everyday life for many contemporary women. Combining these two disparate phenomena into one film was a brave task. Almodovar succeeds with his characteristic intelligence and artistry. It is a most satisfying film.”

2. Hit the Road – “With laughs a minute, thanks to the child, this film in the most moving way possible takes us on a journey through the hearts of loving parents who will stop at nothing to save their own flesh and blood. It is deeply felt, heartbreaking in its way, but cinema of the highest order – just wonderful!” – Frank  L.

1. An Cailín Ciúin – “Bairead’s debut is not only quality but excites at the prospect of yet another Irish film artist with so much to look forward to as he extends his portfolio through future projects.” – Brian Merriman




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