A Musical Preview of 2023

A Musical Preview of 2023
by Killian Laher

It’s safe to say that the music world is approaching normality after a strange couple of years. On the live front, virtually everybody who didn’t land here in 2022 will probably make it here in 2023, and there are already a host of gigs to look forward to.

On the album front, there’s going to be an early start for Iggy Pop fans with Every Loser, his 19th album, coming out in early January.  It promises to be fairly all over the place based on the first couple of songs to emerge – the very much as described Frenzy.

…and the slightly calmer Strung Out Johnny

After that?  Irish band The Murder Capital return in January after what seems like an eternity with the follow-up to their debut, and Ethel is one of the singles already released…

In March we should get the fourth album from Boa Morte, Total Space and later in the year Pat Barrett could have another Arrivalists album In Between Moving, Living.  Robert Forster is due to release his latest solo album, The Candle and The Flame (Tender Years).

In February, we have the return of Yo La Tengo (Fallout)

On the ambient front, Hammock are due to release Love In The Void in January,

…while loscil has a collaboration with Lawrence English, Colours of Air out in February.

Louise Post of Veruca Salt is working on a solo album entitled Salt of the Earth, Juliana Hatfield has a solo album in the works, while Lloyd Cole should have a new album out midway through the year.

James Elkington is working on a collaboration with Nathan Salsburg, and Mark Eitzel is working on a solo album possibly titled Fall Risk.  And allegedly The Cure might release Songs From The Lost World, while Morrissey has an album Bonfire of Teenagers ready for release but no release date.

In the world of books, it should be a good year for fans of so-called goth music as John Robb’s History of Goth and Simon Reynolds’ Cureopedia are due out in 2023.  We might also see the second instalment of Mission main man Wayne Hussey’s memoirs while Evan Dando might publish anything he can remember…

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