Top 10 Albums of 2022 – KL

Top 10 Albums of 2022 – KL
by Killian Laher

We’ve asked some of our writers for their thoughts on the albums of the year. you can see Killian’s thoughts below…

The more time I’ve spent with each of these albums, the more indecisive I get.

10. Suede – Autofiction
This album is one Suede’s most immediate in years, full of direct, catchy songs.

From the Review“They’re not breaking new ground this time around, simply sticking to what they’re good at. Eleven catchy songs, with strong melodies and singalong choruses.”

9. The Cult – Under the Midnight Sun
A bit of a departure for the Cult as they dial back the rawk in favour of moodiness.


8. Blind Stitch – Emperor’s Lung

Kevin Murphy is one of the more inventive, original musicians in Irish music and this is a highly immersive album.

From our review – “When it’s over, you’ll want to hear it again. It’s difficult to describe in words!”

7. Fontaines D.C. – Skinty Fia

Although these guys are (rightly) getting a lot of attention, their songs prove they are the real deal.

From our review – “It’s not celebratory and there are no big rabble rousers, but it’s good to see them avoid the obvious and tread their own path. If you’re looking for the Fontaines D.C. backlash you won’t find it here, this album is damn good.”

6. Mogwai – Black Bird OST

Mogwai’s soundtrack work is seriously underrated, this is a great collection of scene setting music.

5. Horsegirl – Versions of Modern Performance
A scuzzy, scrappy collection of songs drawing on their influences but reworking them into something new.

“Less knowingly self-conscious than Wet Leg, interestingly the physical version has a slightly different tracklisting to the streaming version, perhaps the clue is in the album title. Could this be the shape of things to come?”

4. Bill Callahan – YTI⅃AƎЯ

Callahan is on top form on this album, on some simple-sounding yet complex songs.

“Everyway is similarly chilled-out, reminiscent of his material on Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle or Apocalypse. Again, it’s mainly guitar picking with occasional electric guitar rumblings.”

3. Momma – Household Name
Probably the most exhilarating album of the year, channelling the 90s, sure, but one hell of a marriage between fuzzy guitars and sweet melodies.

“The album is guitar heaven. If there’s a criticism it’s that it feels very… controlled, a few more rough edges left in might have made for an even better album. This is a collection of rocky pop songs that could easily be played on the radio – but probably won’t be. Beautiful sweet voices combined with crunchy guitars – how bad is that?”

2. Preoccupations – Arrangements

Few bands are bringing as much invention as Preoccupations to the post-punk genre.

“While not reinventing the genre, Preoccupations push it forward with its complex songs. It’s hard not to hear the Joy Division influence but they somehow turn it into something new. A highly effective soundtrack to the shorter days to come this time of year.

1. Wilco – Cruel Country

Some of Wilco’s best ever songs and that’s saying something. And some of these songs are still revealing themselves, months later.

“Some will consider this album the sound of the band treading water, initially for some this will sound a bit bland. And there’s a lot of it here to digest. But as with Schmilco and Ode to Joy, gradually these songs begin to seep into your soul.”

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