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Mogwai – Black Bird Soundtrack – Review

Mogwai – Black Bird Soundtrack – Review
by Killian Laher

Apple TV+ Original Series Soundtrack to Black Bird

Mogwai have travelled quite a distance from their incendiary early days.  While still well capable of fireworks, they keep that side in check for the most part, especially on their soundtrack work, which focuses on setting a somewhat sinister atmosphere.  From the word go this is downright moody stuff, but moody in an extremely good way.  ‘Titles’ sets the tone, building gradually to a soaring midsection.

On Jessica they set the controls to uneasy calm, a setting they excel in, returning to it on the brief, pedal steel-infused Better Times. They are masters of building tension, foreboding piano on Fields Are Everywhere and the doomy drones of I Like Vans.  The piano shifts to loveliness on Like A Brother, and other highlights include the spooked-out Searching and the gloriously downcast pair, She Was Nice At First and The Bike.

When they raise the intensity above dark and brooding the results are devastating.  Riot sounds suitably apocalyptic, though if anything, it doesn’t last long enough.

Another high-quality collection from Mogwai.  It will appeal to anyone who likes any of their soundtrack work, especially Les Revenants.


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