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Suede – Autofiction – Album Review

Suede – Autofiction – Album Review
by Killian Laher

One of the more improbable comebacks in recent years has been the return of Suede.  Following the ‘artsy’ The Blue Hour this, their fourth post-reformation album is supposedly Suede’s no-frills ‘punk’ album.

She Still Leads Me On starts with a bit of feedback before Richard Oakes’ ringing guitar propels a classic, urgent Suede rocker.  The intensity doesn’t let up on with the pounding drums and gothy riffs of Personality Disorder, followed by the swaggering Suede anthem 15 Again.  At times Brett Anderson’s voice strains to hit the high notes on That Boy On the Stage.  On the other hand, he is in fine voice on Drive Myself Home crooning to great effect, it suits him well.

Other highlights include the stomping Black Ice, the pacy Shadow Self and the soaring mid-paced rocker It’s Always the Quiet Ones.  Later, What Am I Without You is a decent slow-burning ballad before the album ends with a blast with the menacing Turn Off Your Brain and Yell.

They’re not breaking new ground this time around, simply sticking to what they’re good at.  Eleven catchy songs, with strong melodies and singalong choruses.

She Still Leads Me On

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