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Blind Stitch – The Emperor’s Lung – Review

Blind Stitch – The Emperor’s Lung – Review
by Killian Laher

Kevin Murphy’s latest project is pretty much a solo one, under the name of Blind Stitch.  The album was finished two years ago but is only now being released.  It opens with the brooding cello line of Nobody Loves Me, which, like all of these tracks, is framed by Murphy’s cello and vocals.  This track feels relatively conventional for Murphy, if such a thing is possible, with drums keeping a 4/4 beat.  The Young Aristocrats will appeal to anyone who enjoyed Kevin’s previous work with Thomas Haugh, as Seti the First.  There are many highlights, the soaring Salt In Silk, and Winter’s Parade with its gorgeous plucked cello and a poignant vocal.  This is deeply affecting music.  Midway through the album, there is something of a centrepiece.  Opening with a version of Caisleán Óir, Murphy turning the cello on to ‘trad’ before morphing into The Reason Young People Take Drugs.  It’s complex but it works.

Later, we get the wonderfully moody, windblown Agartha, which sounds like gentle storm clouds gathering over a hillside, and the creeping, understated title track.  When it’s over, you’ll want to hear it again.  It’s difficult to describe in words!
It’s available here.

Nobody Loves Me:

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