New Music – Vessel – Red Sex (Re-Strung)

New Music – Vessel – Red Sex (Re-Strung)

This release is a follow up to last year’s Vessel album Queen Of Golden Dogs. This short album has a lot more strings as it features violinist Rakhi Singh! See what you think of the twisting and turning release below…

Speaking about the collaboration on “Red Sex (Re-Strung)”, Vessel said “Ever since I began working with Rakhi (Singh, violinist / co-founder & programmer of Manchester Collective) we had talked about how fun it would be to do a version of Red Sex with strings. The woozy melody seemed to be asking for it. Trapped as we are in a flat in the heat of a London lockdown, preparing to release a load of new original collaborations in the near future and working hard on our new solo records, it seemed like the time to do it.”

Following on from this, Vessel & Rakhi has been busy creating a record label, Palpu. Speaking about this, Vessel said “The intention of the label is to have a place we can always call home; somewhere to present work that draws from our respective backgrounds in experimental & classical music, and which is liminal by nature.”

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