Solpadeine is my boyfriend – Project Arts Centre – Review

Solpadeine is my boyfriend is a one woman show, written and starring Stefanie Preissner. It deals with a young woman moving to Dublin, falling in and out of love and watching her friends emigrate, all the while trying to hide her socially acceptable dependence on an over the counter drug. It doesn’t sound like it would be funny, but in Stefanie’s hands, there’s a lot of laughs.

The set consists of a bean bag and a punching bag. The bean bag is dragged, sat on, crawled under and generally attacked in most fashions and the punching bag is… punched and occasionally hugged. Stefanie’s performance is high octane and her constant movement and stream of rhyming couplets, occasionally broken up by moments of near stand up comedy carry the viewer through her first months in Dublin.


Solpadeine is my boyfriend opens today (I went to yesterday’s preview) in the project arts centre’s cube space, and runs until Sept 15th @ 1pm daily. It’s just over an hour, so the perfect way to spend your lunch hour! (Although you’ll be a little bit late back to the office though!). Tickets are 11-13 euro.

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