Things to Do in Dublin – 1st – 6th Jan 2013


Even a workhorse takes the odd day off, so this is a day late this week! Ok, maybe I just forgot yesterday was Monday. So what’s new with the new year? Actually, there’s a good bit on around the city this week, including the First Fortnight Festival.

ArtSidney Nolan exhibition is at the other IMMA;  Kilmainham. I made it to the show over the Chrismas, and was hugely impressed. It closes on the 27th of Jan, so get there to see this mix of great landscape art combined with the bizarre story of Ned Kelly. Alice Maher‘s show at IMMA (Earlsfort Terrace) is really impressive also, and the Tribal Textiles from Iran continues in the Douglas Hyde. Stepping Into the Light (Group show including Pat Scott) continues at the Hugh Lane.

Private Galleries: Siobhan Hapaska & Stephen McKenna are at the Kerlin. The Winter show (Group show) is at the Taylor Gallery. Hibernation (Group show) is at the Oliver Sears.

Theatre – The Dead is running the Abbey our review is here Cousin Rachel is at the Gate. First Fortnight is an interesting looking festival that runs from the 2nd of Jan until the 12th. It’s got a few of my favorites from this year, including ‘Solpadeine is my Boyfriend in the New Theatre and ‘Silent in Smock Alley (next week!). The Druid Penguin – Last ever Penguin show – runs at the Project Arts Centre.


Movies –  Tarantino Unchained is a Tarantino retrospective, which starts at the Lighthouse with Reservoir Dogs tomorrow, Friday and Saturday!  A Roman Polanski Season starts at the IFI finishes this week, with Chinatown running over the weekend! Part 2 of their Genius of Hitchcock season kicks off with Downhill and Blackmail. Tarnation is also on at the IFI as partt of the First Fortnight Festival on Saturday at 16.10.

Gigs – A very poor week for gigs, but I guess the musicians are not back off their hols yet! Also, promoters are not taking any risks as people are known to be slow to spend in January. There’s always Jedward and the Magic Lamp or Oliver though, right? Right? Kaleidoscope wins this competition for me!

2/01/13 Kaleidoscope – Odessa Club

2/01/13 First Fortnight Therapy Sessions – Workmans Club

2/01/13 First Fortnight Therapy Sessions – Workmans Club

4/01/13 Lord of the Rings – NCH

4/01/13 The Vibe for Philo – Button Factory

5/01/13 Motor City Drum Ensemble – Twisted Pepper

6/01/13 Glenn Miller Greatest Hits – NCH

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