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Thisispopbaby’s new production ‘Elevator’ is a bright, fast production that dances the line between a pop concert and a Bret Easton Ellis novel. Six beautiful young things come to a secluded house in the woods to meet the missing member of their group, only to discover he has disappeared. The mysterious house keeper Mrs. Schiller seems to know more than she will say of his whereabouts.

It’s not that unusual a premise, and leads our minds to wander in a variety of directions. The new inhabitants of the house dance, strip, sing and snort an abundance of substances up their noses. Their sexual ambivalence wanders between character, gender and often to the group itself. All the while the characters discuss meetings with their missing friend and other snippets of their over privileged lives.

The set is simple, with a long l-shaped leather sofa and a semi transparent back screen. The actors sit to the side of the stage between acts, clearly visible and often reacting to the events on stage. Between a number of scenes, the actors sing and dance with highly choreographed  moves. The music is largely synth pop with layered harmonies from the actors and works well. There are stand out performances from Conor Madden, Muiris Crowley and Cathy White as the house keeper, and the piece should serve as a spring board for a number of new faces. My only question of the piece is does it answer any of the questions it raises, but as a party, it’s one hell of a ride.

Elevator opens tonight (I saw the last preview) and runs until the 22nd, with Tickets from 12-16 euro.

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