The Wheelchair on my Face – Civic Theatre – Tallaght, Dublin – Review


I’m not sure how long I’ve seen this play circling the city, as is often the case with one man/ woman shows, when they’re good they just run and run! This is a highly amusing show dealing with a young girl with undiagnosed Myopia, and the difference it makes to her life. At times it is almost stand up comedy, but it does have a simple story line based around a 7 year old child’s vision of the world around her.

Sonya Kelly’s performance, physical slap stick and comic timing are evident throughout. She plays her younger self, preparing for communion and battling her way through a world she largely can’t see. Her introverted world leads her into her bedroom and to visit ABBA who live in her wardrobe! It’s a fantastical journey into the mind of a child, and her perception of the world around her, which is delivered with charm and wit.

This is another one woman show directed by Gina Moxley, who also directed Solpadeine is my Boyfriend, currently showing in the New Theatre as part of the First Fortnight Festival. To have two shows of such quality running in Dublin at the same time is testament to her talent as a director.

The Wheelchair on my face runs at the Civic Theatre, Tallaght, until Saturday (5th) with tickets from 12-16 Euro.

Fishamble: The New Play Company presents

The Wheelchair on my Face – Civic Theatre – Tallaght

Written and performed by Sonya Kelly
Directed by Gina Moxley
Produced by Marketa Dowling

The Wheelchair on My Face

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