The Theatre Machine turns you on – Vol 3 – Review

Safe Filth

The Theatre Machine turns you on is a series of 24 short plays running at the Project arts centre until January 19th. Here is a sample what can be seen!

Germans Don’t Get Bosco – Demo Tape

A four year old German girl with no English arrives in Ireland and is left with her grandparents who speak no German. The grandparents are told by a German teacher that all kids like Bosco, regardless of whether they speak English or not. This is not the case!

This is a work in progress from ‘With An F Productions’ who brought us ‘Solpadeine is my Boyfriend‘ last year, and the early signs are that this will be an interesting piece, with a lot of humour and video exerts from the aforementioned Bosco!

Eve Speaks: A musical Cabaret – New Release

Ali Matthews plays the part of Eve, who sees the garden of Eden for what it is. Adam is a nice guy, but too worried about Daddy (God). The snake on the other hand, that’s where her real interest lies!

Ali has a lovely singing voice and a humorous view on the world, and all delivered in fish nets and leather. It’s a touch burlesque and a touch cabaret.

Safe Filth – LP

This piece takes the form of a reading and discussion on the role of sexual fantasy in literature. It deals with the unusual topic of rape fantasy, and shows how it is used in ‘safe’ fiction such as Mills and Boons. As someone on the night pointed out, the fact that the rapist turns out to be their boyfriend or husband does ‘not make it all right’.

There is a reading from a short story by ‘Mills & Boon’ and then the discussion with the artist/ actor ‘Edwina Casey’, which is often interrupted by brief period of dancing! If you’re thinking of going, I’d recommend going on Wednesday, where Edwina’s Mum and Dad are coming along! Edwina seemed more than a little worried about it.

The Theatre machine turns you on – Volume 3 – runs at the Project Arts Centre until January 19th. With the real deal, you can pick four shows all at different times (6, 7, 8.30 and 10) for just 25 euro, on any night.

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