New Music – All The Brave Hunters

New Music – All The Brave Hunters

A new name but not entirely new, as Alain McFadden is a member of the much-loved Ye Vagabonds! It’s a gentle folk sound in the style of Iron & Wine and many others before, but it’s quite lovely regardless. You can check it out below.

All The Brave Hunters is the artist’s name of Galway songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Alain McFadden. A current member of award-winning folk group Ye Vagabonds, this EP ‘Painted Glass’ will be Alain’s debut solo release.

Today, he shares the first song from it ‘Rising’, available on Bandcamp and Youtube: https://linktr.ee/allthebravehunters

“Rising was inspired by the idea that within every heart, there was a painted glass window, that you can look through but never fully know its warmth within. Reflecting through the glass at the darkening days of winter and by sinking into the darkness, we lift ourselves up and grow into the light.”

Recorded in the hills of West Cork and inner-city Dublin, Alain collaborated with producer and colleague Brían Mac Gloinn (vocals, bouzouki, harmonium, fiddle) of Ye Vagabonds, Elva Carroll (vocals), and Nick Rayner (who previous work includes records by Ye Vagabonds, Talos, Saint Sister, Anna Mieke), to help develop and bring these 5 original songs into being.

The musical arrangements of Alain’s songs were inspired by certain elements found within folk, Indie, and traditional music. Including three-part harmonies, percussion, stringed acoustic instruments such as fiddles, bouzoukis, and guitars as well as drones from a prophet synth and an Indian harmonium.

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