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Overhead, The Albatross – The Workmans Club – Review

Overhead, The Albatross – The Workmans Club – Review
by Killian Laher

As part of a delayed 10-year anniversary celebration, The Workmans Club are hosting a series of free gigs.  It was clear the fine weather hadn’t put people off cramming into the venue to see Irish band Overhead, The Albatross.  Six years on since their debut album Learning To Growl, the band seemed fired up, playing a visceral set of instrumental rock.  The band announced that they’re recording a new album at the moment, with a new single in early September.  They’re aiming to release the new album later in the year, or early next year, along with a short tour.

Accompanied by an impressive light show, the combination of multiple guitars and keyboards came across as similar to And So I Watch You From Afar without the metal.  Lengthy, complex songs followed in this style, incorporating hints of God Is An Astronaut, and an occasional dance element creeping in.  The band were clearly enjoying themselves, evidenced by bass guitarist Stevie Darragh making a couple of forays into an ecstatic audience.  With new music to look forward to, in the meantime, they are definitely worth experiencing life, where the power of their music can be felt washing over you.  One to watch.

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