Viscera – Live Collision – Review

Viscera – Live Collision – Review
by Frank L.

Viscera created by Bhebhe&Davies

Bhebhe&Davies is the collaborative practice of British-born South African performer and choreographer Nandi Bhebhe and Welsh artist Phoebe Davies. Viscera is the first in a series of films entitled “Eloquent Rage”. It comes in two formats “with captions” and “without captions”.

In the “without caption” format a single, black dancer of authoritative demeanour confronts the camera. The dancer is magnificently dressed in yellow culottes and a matching jacket with a complementary cream blouse.  It is an awesome outfit in the generosity of its tailoring. The dancer does not wear shoes but does wear a pair of white ankle socks which make a striking contrast with the yellow. There is also the contrast with the dancer’s black skin whose facial features are heightened by the application of subtle make up to the eyebrows and lips. The one adornment is what appears to be a gold necklace but on closer inspection it is a gold chain which hangs from each ear lobe. The entire ensemble makes an impressive visual impact.

There is a soundtrack and the dancer moves in various ways both seated and standing which often gives the impression of a struggle. The entire effect is of a human being of considerable magnificence.

In the “with caption” iteration, there is no sound track but there is added various description of the sounds which are to accompany which is revelatory of what is being seen. Each iteration lasts about ten minutes and perhaps the most informative way to watch it is to do so three times in the following order “without captions”, “with captions” and then again “without captions”. It makes a strong visual impression which remains.

Space:  Cube, Project Arts Centre
Form: Installation
Duration:  15 mins
Festival Dates:  Fri 29 & Sat 30 April

Start time:
Version 1 : Uncaptioned
4pm, 4.40pm, 5:20pm, 6pm
Version 2 : Audio description and Captions.
4.20pm, 5pm, 5:40pm

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