The Making of Pinocchio: Digital Edition – Live Collision – Review

The Making of Pinocchio: Digital Edition – Live Collision – Review
Cade & MacAskill

Pinocchio is the story of a puppet who wanted to be a real boy. This children’s story inspired the Glasgow based theatre makers Cade & MacAskill to create a new version of the story, quite different to the Disney tale many are familiar with. We are first introduced to the real life couple of Rosana Cade & Ivor MacAskill, and they reveal their pronouns, showing that they do not fit with conventional gender roles. Ivor MacAskill decided to transition to being a man in recent years and in this story, he/they is the individual who ‘wants to be real boy’.

The piece was created during the Covid lockdown, a time when many theatre artists and performers had to think outside the box. This piece was originally intended to be a live performance and it will hopefully be performed live later this year. This piece was designed as a ‘special one-off digital performance, filmed in one take at Tramway (Glasgow)’.  While the couple are not film makers they certainly brought a degree of ingenuity to the production, and their use of false perspective in the film is very inventive. We see trees towering over the performers, and then moments later, we see the same scene from a different angle which shows that the trees are close to the camera and the performers further away. They use this same technique throughout the production to show the lonely carpenter, Geppetto, standing over his tiny puppet creation Pinocchio.

At other times during the production, the couple talk about their own lives and the affect that Ivor’s transition has had on their lives. An interesting aspect that they discussed was that they started as a lesbian couple but now they are essentially straight, in the eyes of many people they meet.

It’s an inventive and very original film/ theatre production hybrid.  After the screening at the Q&A, the couple talked about the difficulties of reproducing this film on stage and which elements they will take with them from the film production. It will certainly be interesting to see their next transition, between screen and stage!

Location: Live Collision International Festival, Dublin IRE
Space: Cube, Project Arts Centre
Form: Digital edition followed by Live Q&A
Duration:  80 mins (Q&A additional 20mins)

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