Solas – Live Collision – Review

Solas – Live Collision – Review
by Frank L.

Performed by Maia Nunes

Nunes’ statuesque presence fills the entire stage. This effect is achieved by Nunes standing in the centre of the stage dressed in a form fitting shirt and a pair of tightish trousers which flair as they extend to the floor. From the arms two large panels reach to the side of the stage. All the fabric is pink.

On Nunes’ fingers are some very substantial rings. Beside Nunes is a microphone and a table on which there is a laptop which, with minimal movements, Nunes operates. As electronic sounds, which Nunes controls, fill the auditorium Nunes produces humming sounds of various intensities to accompany the music. The two together have a mesmeric effect which is further heightened by the alteration in the lighting and entire visual impact of Nunes’ costume.

A member of the audience needs to allow themselves to be immersed in the sounds and let themselves go with the flow encouraged by the alteration in the lighting. Nunes barely moves and never leaves the central spot on the stage.The entire performance is dependent on the sound emanating from Nunes and its ability to blend with the recorded sound. It lasts about an hour and the ability of Nunes to maintain the sound for almost an hour is remarkable. The audience listened in silence. There was no fidgeting. It was clear from the enthusiastic applause of the audience that the sounds and the entire atmosphere which Nunes manages to create has an appreciative audience.

Space:  Cube, Project Arts Centre

Form:  Live Performance

Duration:  45 mins (approx)

Festival Dates:  Fri 29 April

Start time:  9pm

Categories: Header, Music

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