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XOIOXO – ALYXIS – Live Collision – Review

XOIOXO – ALYXIS – Live Collision – Review

As you enter the small space of the Cube in the Project Arts Centre, the performer is already on stage. There are no seats in the space and a large cube hangs from the ceiling. The performer is on a raised platform at the centre of the space wearing black clothing and an intricate mask. After a few moments, the music starts and the two screens behind the performer come to life!

None of this answers the question of who or what ALYXIS is. The performer in question is Sal Stapleton and the ALYXIS project is proceeded by an artist statement:

“ALYXIS is a non-binary entity.

 ALYXIS is a comforting inner voice.

 ALYXIS wants you to be kind and confident.

 ALYXIS encourages you to resist.

 ALYXIS is the best part of all of us. “

The performer ALYXIS may be known to some as Bad Bones, which was an earlier persona. This new creation (or performance) has an impressive sense of style and aims to create an intense atmosphere on stage. They have a variety of electronic gadgetry in front of them, which is used throughout the performance, along with a microphone to add vocals. The music is EDM in nature and the vocals are often heavily treated to create something other worldly. ALYXIS feels quite alien on stage, like we are watching a visitor from another planet! The are echoes of Daft Punk and their robot persona stage presence.

The visuals on the screens behind the performer show a masked creature in a variety of spaces. This creature moves, sways and dances in a number of computer generated worlds. The creature itself is reminiscent of the work of H. R. Giger, with its black clothing and mask. The projections work well and add a strong visual element to the performance. The music is impressive, giving the Saturday night crowd a reason to strut their stuff.

Space:  Cube, Project Arts Centre

Form: Live Performance

Duration:  45 mins

Festival Dates:  Sat 30 April

Start time:  9pm

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