To the Moon – Film Review

To the Moon – Film Review
by Frank L.

Director – Tadhg O’Sullivan
Writer – Tadhg O’Sullivan

This film is difficult to classify and it is probably better not to attempt to do so. It celebrates the moon in its many manifestations, over the centuries and around the world, in word, song and naturally film.  What makes it even more noteworthy is that its genesis was primarily one-man, namely Tadhg O’Sullivan, who while living in rural Carlow used the internet to carry out much of the research. He also contacted (with the assistance of his producer Claire Stronge) archives around the world to source more incidents where the moon features.

O’Sullivan explains in a recent interview some of his thoughts on the film and the assistance he received from individuals and institutions around the world. He explains the importance of music in the film and the help which he had from composers Amanda Feery and Linda Buckley. However, it is he who was the creative conductor of this universal orchestra and it is to him that the credit must be given for this unique creation.

The moon has an ability to inspire wonder and let the imagination run where it may. The great universal themes of love, death, fear and loss all have their place in the seventy engaging minutes of the film.  O’Sullivan introduces you to films from Russia and Japan but also more unlikely spots such as Estonia.  In the course of his research, he was in contact with over 20 different countries. He makes you realise that the universality of the moon is reflected in the universality of the tributaries that provide the source material.

There is a great deal to be learnt from this film at many levels, not only about the moon but also its relationship with humanity. This simple premise is used to great effect, showing how the glowing globe in the night sky continues to inspire artists and philosophers around the world. The result shows the universal appeal of the moon for the human race which has always been both fascinated and in awe of it.

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