Netflix’s Sandman – What We Know

Netflix’s Sandman – What We Know

For comic fans of a certain age, this is one we’ve been looking forward to for a long time. While there have been a large number of adult comics converted for Television in recent years, no one has tackled Sandman, until now!

When Will It be Released – The production was meant to start filming in April of this year! For obvious reasons, it has been delayed but it is looking like it will be released in late 2021, if not later! – Source – Whats-On-Netflix

Who are the creators?

It’s all a bit sketchy at the moment. The IMDB page for the project (dated 2021) lists the creators as Neil Gaiman, David S. Goyer, Allan Heinberg. David S. Goyer is the writer of The Dark Knight Rises and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (it had a writer?). Alan Heinberg is the writer of Wonder Woman (2017) and Grey’s Anatomy.

So far, the only name (almost) confirmed is Tom Sturridge to play Morpheus. Don’t be surprised if some of the actors who starred in the recent Sandman Audiobook reprise their roles.

Is it sticking to the source material or is it something new?

It seems like it’s going to be fairly close to the original –

“So it’s 10 episodes, which will contain 16 of the comics,” Gaiman said. “there will be surprises on the way … I think that if you are somebody who loves the original comics, you will love the Netflix series. And I think if you are somebody who knows the original comics, well, you will have an absolute advantage plot-wise in the Netflix series. But much like something like Game of Thrones, while you will have an advantage, you will not always be one step ahead.”

Although according to Gaiman’s recent interview in Variety

“What we’re doing with Netflix is saying ‘OK It’s still going to start in 1916, but the thing that happens in ‘Sandman’ 1, the point that the story starts is not 1988. It’s now. And how does that change the story? What does that give us? What does that make us have to look at that we wouldn’t have to look at if we were setting it as a period piece? What is that going to do to the gender of characters, what is that going to do to the nature of characters? What’s that going to do to the story? And that has been an absolute delight. Because it means we are always being true to the story and being true to the characters. But it gives us tremendous freedom to go, ‘OK if we were doing it now what would ‘Sandman’ be?’ And that, again, is very liberating.”

Will it be any good?

We certainly hope so…


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