Hunter – New Radio Play by Stewart Roche

Hunter – New Radio Play by Stewart Roche
A new 3-part directed by Hugh Hick

While the theatres of Ireland may still be dark, this new work includes many names you’d normally associated with the stage. Writer Stewart Roche has written plays such as Fetch Wilson Snake Eaters and Wringers. The cast includes many familiar names such as Michael James Ford, Katie McCann and Daniel Reardon! It starts today on Dublin City FM but is also available by Podcast. Full details are below.

Begins Wednesday, October 14th at 3.30pm on 103.2 Dublin City FM
Podcast available after broadcast here.

Featuring: Aonghus Óg McAnally, Lesley Conroy, Michael James Ford, Graeme Coughlan, Katie McCann & Daniel Reardon

Hunter’ follows struggling Writer Ryan Mitchell, who finally gets his break when he gets the greenlight to begin work on his comeback project- a sceptic’s guide to the supernatural. After assembling a team of ghost hunters, he embarks on a mission to find irrefutable proof in the existence of ghosts. However increasingly disturbing incidents and warnings from beyond the grave shake his convictions and make him question everything he sees. And everything he can’t.

Stewart Roche is well known to Dublin theatre audiences as the writer of critically acclaimed plays such as ‘Wringer’ and ‘The Fetch Wilson’, both of which similarly plunge into the realm of gothic horror. This series marks Stewart’s debut on radio and his first collaboration with award-winning Independent Radio Producer Hugh Hick (New York Festival Awards 2020 Silver Winner – Best Digital Drama).

The series features a cast full of well known faces (and voices) drawn from the world of theatre, television and radio including Aonghus Óg McAnally, Lesley Conroy and Michael James Ford. Original sound design is by legendary audio-dramatist and composer Roger Gregg, who infuses the programme with his own unique sense of the gothic.

The first episode kicks off Wednesday (October 14th) at 3.30 pm and airs at the same slot the two weeks after, concluding on Halloween week. A podcast will be available on Soundcloud each week the day after the episode’s broadcast.


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