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M.Craft – Blood Moon Deconstructed – Album Review

M.Craft – Blood Moon Deconstructed – Album Review by Killian Laher

Following last year’s Blood Moon album, songwriter/composer Martin Craft has reworked the album, removing vocals and altering (and retitling) each track.  Hips Meds Frolic fills the air with piano and violin but it’s on the desperately brief Violet Dishevel where he really comes into his own.  Slow, glacially-paced strings build gradually over twinkling piano to gorgeous effect.  Circle Him, Atlas bears scant resemblance to Chemical Trail from the original album with vocals and most of the instrumentation taken out, replaced by guitar and soaring strings.  There are moments of beauty across this album, the keyboard and harp of Great Wolf chief amongst them.  The track drifts along slowly, creating an otherworldly atmosphere.  Mud Bloom belies its title featuring stately strings.

The one criticism is that many of these pieces are too short and don’t develop.  However M.Craft has produced a really fine album that is not only of interest to fans of the original but that also works in its own right.

Track List –

1. Hip Meds Frolic
2. Violet Dishevel
3. Adorn Me
4. Dim Thing
5. Great Wolf
6. Nonzero Wish
7. Mud Bloom
8. Circle Him, Atlas
9. On Whizz Senor
10. Shadowy Mad Men

Great Wolf 


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