Dinosaurs Around The World: Passport To Pangea – Ambassador Theatre – Review

Dinosaurs around the World: Passport to Pangea – Ambassador Theatre – Review by R Gill
The Ambassador, Upper O’Connell Street, Dublin 1

News: dinosaurs are not getting old. The ongoing appeal of prehistoric megafauna shows no signs of abating. If you have dinosaur-obsessed little ones, quench their thirst for knowledge with “Dinosaurs Around The World”, a fascinating family exhibition running at the Ambassador in Dublin.

The exhibition is an educational tour throughout the age of dinosaurs. Actual-size dinosaurs come to life throughout the tour, through use of animatronics and audio. Claws reach, tails swing, eyes blink and of course jaws snap!

The tour has an educational feel with real fossils on display and plenty of depth about each dinosaur to keep the attention of older kids. An archaeological dig early in the tour provided plenty of craic for our lot. The old familiars are all there including Triceratops, Iguanadon and of course (a particularly huge and imposing) Tyrannosaurus Rex.

However some newer arguably more interesting dinosaurs are also on view – the feathered velociraptor, the oviraptor with a clutch of eggs, and the small herbivorous Minmi, native to an ancient Australia.

A real dinosaur leg bone is presented, allowing a literal touch of real wonder. For smaller kids, a selection of dino-rides led to some wide-eyed queues on our visit. We found as a family that our gang sped through initially to discover what was on show – returning then to some favourite points. For older kids or those keener on the details, Dinosaurs Around the World also features information about geology, geography, and climatology. Pangaea and plate tectonics are explained in some detail, plus detail on how dinosaurs evolved, survived, and ultimately became extinct… though some survived and live with us today as feathered friends.

Overall this is a very worthwhile family visit. It may seem shorter than other similar exhibits, but in truth is perfect for little ones who do not want an overload of information. Just the right fit for two mini palaeontologists and their parents.

Family ticket prices start at 28 euro. There are also discounts for students, OAPs and the unemployed, while kids under 4 can go in for free. The exhibition is open 10am to 6pm daily from December 16th until end April, at The Ambassador, Upper O’Connell Street, Dublin 1.

Open 10am – 6pm Daily from Dec 16th
Prices: From €28 for a family ticket, under 4s free, plus discounts available

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  1. Honestly this exhibition was the biggest disappointment….such a waste of money and for my 2 children who are mad about dinosaurs they even said it was such a crap 10 minutes because that is all it took to walk around .unfortunately .not worth the time energy or money🙁

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