Harder Faster More – Project Arts Centre – Review

Harder Faster More – Project Arts Centre – Review

Red Bear Productions Presents Harder Faster More
11 May 2017-13 May 2017 7:30pm

This is a selection of short interwoven plays linked by a common theme. They are all about sex in a variety of different guises. We meet a multitude of characters, some are on the fringes of the sex industry and some are right in the middle of it! There are sex phone workers, erotic dancers and porn stars. There are also female TV presenters who are starting to realise they are past their sell by date, being moved on for a younger model. Film directors that are losing control of their work as the money men want to emphasise cleavage over content. All these stories have a common thread; sex and money!

This is a play written and directed by Tracy Martin, who previously wrote Coast and Wrapped. This play was part of the Fringe Festival in 2015 and has toured extensively since. It was also converted into a radio play for RTE. The piece would travel easily as there is no set, with just light (Suzie Cummins) and sound (Justine Murphy) used to delineate the scenes involved, along with a bit of imagination.

There are three cast members that take on the various parts. Aoibhéann McCann, Charlene Gleeson and Clare Monnelly show their range as they move quickly between scenes. The shorts are not linked by anything other than theme, but it manages to avoid many of the obvious clichés. Sex and those that make a living from it are a fascinating topic.

As with any collection of short plays, some are more successful than others. Some are sharp and witty, while others struggle to hit the heights. Some are played purely for laughs while others delve into more serious issues, showing the bleak results. Lives that have been destroyed and individuals that can’t break free of their surroundings due to addiction. While sex is too big a topic to be dealt with in any one play, this work by Martin tries to encompass much of this murky world. The play moves with a frenetic pace, showing a segment of society rarely exposed to daylight.

Duration – 70 mins

Written & Directed by Tracy Martin
Choreography by Paula O’Reilly
Cast: Aoibhéann McCann, Charlene Gleeson and Clare Monnelly
Lighting Design: Suzie Cummins
Assistant Producer: John Dennehy
Sound Design: Justine Murphy

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