New Music – Ron Sexsmith – Radio

New Music – Ron Sexsmith – Radio

The Last Rider was released on 21 April 2017 on Cooking Vinyl

For fans of Ron Sexsmith, this new album must come as welcome news. He has a loyal group of fans that follow his every release. He has released an album every few years since Grand Opera Lane in 1991. Now some 26 years later he has returned with his 13th studio album, the Last Rider, the title being a reference to the Last Supper. Sexsmith was born and bred in St. Catharines, Ontario and recently turned 53. This album marked a change in that it was recorded with his touring band – Don Kerr (Drums), Jason Mercer (Bass), Dave Matheson (Keyboards) and Kevin Lacroix (Guitar).

This single ‘Radio’ is a sub three minute blast of chirpy guitar and upbeat melodies, with an animated video for further fun. Enjoy it below!



1.  It Won’t Last For Long  [2:45]
2.  Our Way  [2:47]
3.  Breakfast Ethereal  [3:13]
4.  Worried Song  [3:24]
5.  West Gwillimbury  [2:56]
6.  Who We Are Right Now  [3:46]
7.  Shoreline  [2:51]
8.  Dead End Dream  [3:23]
9.  Evergreen  [4:09]
10. Upward Dog  [3:44]
11. Only Trouble Is  [2:49]
12. Radio  [2:43]
13. Every Last One  [3:09]
14. Dreams Are Bigger  [3:09]
15. Man At The Gate (1913)  [4:09]

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