Wrapped – Smock Alley – Tiger Dublin Fringe Review


Wrapped runs at the Tiger Dublin Fringe until Saturday 13th of September.

Ali and Lisa are two very different people. Ali has had a rough few years, spending the majority of her time with her mother who was slowly dying. Her world is filled with bed sores, adult nappies and seeing her mother in considerable pain. She sometimes escapes downstairs to a flat of an agoraphobic drug dealer to smoke spliffs. This is where she meets Lisa. When Ali’s mother dies, she is left with a void in her life and needs to find someone to fill it.

Lisa’s boyfriend is a drug dealer called Alan. It is difficult to forget his name as he has it tattooed on his neck! Lisa used to have real feeling for Alan, but these have faded over the years and when he started smoking heroin, this is the final straw and she wants out. The two young women quickly become inseparable, and Lisa invites Ali into her world of all night parties and pills, a world she takes to all too easily.

The staging of the play is simple, with two chairs and a back drop filled with small bags containing a variety of different coloured powders. The two performers are on stage at all times. They are difficult parts for young actors to perform, but the energy is kept high throughout and the audience is swept along. The first part of the tale is fairly familiar but it develops nicely and the final act is quite tension filled. It is an enjoyable tale of two young women who are in over their heads and are looking for a quick fix solution. It deals with the fragile nature of friendship and that you can’t always trust those you think are your friends.

Wrapped runs at the Black Box Theatre in Smock Alley, as part of the Tiger Dublin Fringe until Saturday 13th of September.

Duration – 90 Minutes

Starring Aoibheann McCann and Andrea Cleary.

Written and directed by Tracy Martin.

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