Busker Diaries #2 – Documentary Film


You may remember a while back we featured the first Busker Diary, which is a series of short films aimed at showing why people take to the streets to perform music. The second in the series has just been released, and the details are below. It’s about a German Rapper called Tice.

In the 2nd episode of the Busker Diaries, we introduce the female German rapper Tice.
Tice (short version of Hatice, pronounced: ‘Teache’) describes her development as an artist as follows:

“They say it’s hard for women in the rap game
but I don’t let it get to me, I’m over that shit.
I reckon these guys are just jealous.
They can’t admit “hey, that sounds dope, she’s better than me“
just cause, she has a pussy.”

Download the title track: Tice –

Busker Diaries concentrate on the relation between the artist and the street.
We’re getting close to the diverse artists and give them a chance to present themselves and their opinions on life.

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