Odd Christmas Gifts – Zoots the Kalimba Recorder

zoots the Kalimba RecorderThis is the first in an incredibly short run of odd ball presents we’ve come up (if you think of any more, let us know!). This is a thing, it’s a, well, I’m not really too sure what you’d call it. The description below calls it a handheld soundscape, so that’s as good a name as any. I want one anyway, whatever the hell it is! You can get them here, at the home for uncommon goods.

Portable Piano
Part analog instrument and part digital recording tool, this playful gadget is a handheld soundscape. The easy-to-play kalimba (thumb piano) produces simple melodies that you can record, repeat on a loop, and manipulate in playback by adjusting the pitch. The handmade wood housing provides a user-friendly package that will invite endless sonic experimentation for teens and adults alike. Handmade by Richard Upchurch in Brooklyn, New York.

Due to the handmade nature of this item, each is unique and will vary.

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