Busker Diaries – Documentary Film

Busker Diaries

This is a short series of documentaries about the humble art of busking that deserves a mention. The first one features a young lady from Galway by the name of Katie O’Connor. You can see the first one below!

BUSKER DIARIES, a new music documentary mini series from Berlin. The first part of the Busker Diaries short documentary features Katie O’Connor from Galway, Ireland, and her song “City Blue” – and her life in Berlin.

Every month we will pick out a new artist for the series – buskers can apply or be recommended through busker@dieleiter.com

With this series of short music documentaries we document and promote the culture of free modern street music, the art of busking. We’re getting close to the diverse artists and give them a chance to present themselves and their opinions on life. By the end of the day, they will have their own film and the possibility to promote their music.

Producer: Julian Krohn, Ex- A&R (Universal Music), freelance artist developer and music

Art Direction/Camera: Fabian Frost, Photographer & Director, studied Visual Communication

Categories: Header, Movies, Music

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