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You know those long afternoons during the Christmas where you’re going slowly mental at home? Well, I have the perfect cure, with a season of the best of the Coen Bros at the Lighthouse.

Inside the Coen Brothers Movie season has no less than 9 of their movies, and even a Fancy Dress party inspired by the Dude! There’s pretty much them all my favourites (other than Miller’s Crossing), and it culminates with the release of the new movie ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ on January 24th. Full details are below, or on the Lighthouse website here.

I really must make it to the Hudsucker Proxy, God I love that movie… You know, for kids!

SPECIAL OFFER: Choose any 3 films for only €21 when booked at box-office. This offer is not available online and does not apply to Inside Llewyn Davis.

BARTON FINK From 27 December

Palme d-Or winner and genuine masterpiece of surreal dark comedy, Barton Fink sees John Turturro as a playwright alone and mentally tortured in a bleak hotel room trying to write his first Hollywood screenplay. Chaotic, deeply thoughtful and sometimes hilarious don’t miss the chance to see this excellent film on the big screen.

THE HUDSUCKER PROXY 18.15, New Year’s Eve

In the vein of the great films of Frank Capra and Preston Sturges, The Hudsucker Proxy sees Norville Barnes, a naïve but decent small-town go-getter get caught up in the hard world of big business in 1950’s Manhattan. This screwball pastiche is Coen Bros at their comic best and is driven by wonderful performances by Tim Robbins, Paul Newman and Jennifer Jason Leigh. This somewhat overlooked classic is well overdue a big-screen outing and we will be screening it on beautiful 35mm on the most appropriate day of the year, New Year’s Eve.


The ultimate action screwball comedy. A criminal (Nicolas Cage) and a police-officer (Holly Hunter) fall in love, get married and decide to live on the straight and narrow. However, when she discovers she is infertile they plot to steal a baby from a family who are overwhelmed with quintuplets. Obviously plans go awry in this hilarious caper. Probably the best comedy about stealing babies in cinema history!

FARGO From 8 January

Films simply don’t come more perfect than Fargo. Frances McDormand plays a heavily pregnant small-town police-officer who becomes embroiled in a bizarre crime gone horribly wrong. Set in snowy Minnesota, and shot by cinematographer extraordinaire Roger Deakins, don’t miss this chance to catch this classic on the big screen.

THE BIG LEBOSWKI From 15 January

Bowling, nihilists, marmots and a wayward toe… we can’t believe it’s taken us this long to play The Big Lebowski (and in 35mm!). Join us as we enter the laid back, shabby and bewildered realm of his Dudeness and follow as his hazy bubble-bath dissolves into a chaotic epic of perpetual perplexion. Buoyed by his veteran sidekick Walter and the obliging Donny, he sets off in search of that elusive rug, a fortune, a toe, or whatever it is he’s meant to be looking for. The Coens’ best? Well that’s just, like, your opinion man.


The Dude abides. On Friday 17th January we’re going all out with a BIG Lebowski fancy dress party kicking off at 8pm followed by a late screening of the cult classic at 10:30pm. Dress up as your favourite character, kick back with a White Russian, play a few rounds and don’t forget the Creedence!


This bonkers Depression-era bluegrass musical comedy is a highly unconventional reworking of Homer’s The Odyssey. George Clooney stars as the self-appointed leader of a group of bumbling escaped convicts who inadvertently become local musical heroes. Hilarious, and beautiful to look at with it’s nostalgic sepia hue, O Brother Where Art Thou is a screwball masterpiece with an incredible bluegrass soundtrack.


We couldn’t play O Brother Where Art Thou without accompanying it with this amazing concert film which features the talented musicians behind the soundtrack performing their songs live at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. Emmylou Harris, Gillian Welch, Ralph Stanley and Alison Krauss feature in one of the greatest bluegrass line-ups ever assembled singing the songs from the films such as, Man of Constant Sorrow, Down In The River To Pray and Didn’t Leave Nobody But The Baby. Be sure to come along to this very rare theatrical screening of this exceptional concert, We promise to play it loud.


This month, LIght House Cinema and Chapters Bookstore’s Cinema Book Club will also pay tribute to the Coen Brothers with Cormac McCarthy’s No Country For Old Men. Buy the book in Chapters and come down to our screening of the Academy Award-winning film which will be followed by an informal but always thought-provoking discussion of the adaptation in the bar after the screening.


Grand Prix winner at Cannes 2013, New Coen’s film Inside Llewyn Davis follows a week in the life of a young musician as he navigates the Greenwich Village folk scene of 1961. Llewyn (Oscar Isaac) is at a crossroads. With his guitar in tow, he is struggling to make it as a musician against seemingly insurmountable obstacles, some of them of his own making. Living at the mercy of both friends and strangers, Llewyn’s misadventures take him from the basket houses of the Village to an empty Chicago club, on an odyssey to audition for music mogul Bud Grossman.

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