Movies – 26-07-13 – Wolverine, Frances Ha


The wall to wall coverage for the Wolverine movie really doesn’t seem to have created the hype they expected. There was a time in my life where the thought of a movie about Logan would have sent me into a mild hysteria, but thankfully that passed. So back to the other releases this week, what’s new in the darkened rooms of Dublin?

Frances Ha is the new movie from Noah Baumbach fame, the man behind the Squid and Whale and Greenberg, and it gets pretty glowing reviews in most spots I checked, so I’m adding it to the list of things to see!

Blackfish is the story of a mammal gone bad. Tilikum is a very, very big fish, a killer whale in fact, and is responsible for the deaths of three people while working as a performer in Seaworld. Chance occurrence or an other water serial killer? We’ll let you decide.

Dial M for Murder is getting a re-release, and obviously it’s a classic. It just is, don’t argue. Have they seriously made it 3-D though? Who thought that would be a good idea? Well, Alfred Hitchcock actually, as it was originally filmed in 3-D in 1954, all they’ve done is transmogrified it for those new glasses.

And back to the Wolverine, yes we’ve come full circle, and what did the critics think of the guy with the claws, I hear you scream. Seriously, you have to ask? It looks like it could be fun though, or maybe that’s just the 12 year old in side talking.

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