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Ken Camden – Space Mirror (Kranky) – Album Review

Ken Camden

Ken Camden is a member of Chicago based post-rock quartet ‘Implodes‘ who have two albums with Kranky, including the recently released Recurring Dream. This is his second solo release and comes after 2010’s Lethargy & Repercussions. The album is cosmic in theme as the name would suggest and while the press release names the guitar as the main instrument, it has been altered to be reminiscent of  synthesizers in the most part. The are many layers to each of the tracks, and some rumble along in the background, while others stand to the fore. Each layer acts independently of those the surround them, with some repeating simple arpeggios while others are loose and uncontrolled, and develop at their own pace.

The inspiration for the album are science documentaries from another era, and it uses the 70’s vision of the future as its starting point to create the epic and sprawling sound that carries through all six tracks. You can almost see animated planets swirling through space, or satellites spinning in your mind’s eye as each song develops.  Although it is a short song list, all of the tarcks are over six minutes in length. This allows each song to develop from humble origins and become something distinct and unique, while staying within the confines of album as a whole.  The album withstands intense listening, and the complex structure of each song can be teased apart or taken as a whole, to create something you’ll be listening to for years to come.

Space Mirror:

1. Spectacle
2. Eta Carinae
3. Moon
4. Trapezium
5. Antares
6. Dominic Sunset

Space Mirror is released on July 29 by Kranky Records.

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