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Night Beds – Workman’s Club – 19-04-13 – Review

Night Beds - Workman's Club

Night Beds are a five piece from Nashville, and the brain child of ‘Rocky mountain reared‘ Winston Yellen. Their music is guitar driven but not in a loud/ triumphant fashion and often ‘less is more’, with space and tenderness throughout. They trample similar ground to bands like the Walkmen, with a heavy emphasis on Yellen’s voice, which holds the various strands together.

Yellen is an unorthodox front man, with an unusual line in banter ‘As someone who suffers terribly from stage fright, you made this night more than tolerable’ he said at one point, which he meant as a compliment to the crowd! He said their usual crowd were like a slutty version of the TV show ‘Friends’, and they generally referred to them as ‘the soft 12’ due to their number and intelligence (I presume!).

As with most bands with only one full album behind them, it was a short set, but they seemed to enjoy what they were doing, and captured the attention of the crowd, which is often difficult on a Friday night. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with next, and for those that don’t know them, their album ‘Country Sleep‘ is worth checking out!

The support act on the night was Liza Fume who created interesting beats on her loop station, and sang/ played guitar over them! She said if she wasn’t performing she would have been at the gig anyway, which is always nice to hear.



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