Movies – 19-04-13 – Evil Dead, Olympus Has Fallen, King of the Travellers etc.

Evil Dead 2013

A few new releases this week, and one that I’ve been worried about/ looking forward to for a while in ‘Evil Dead’.  So let’s get on with it and see what might be worth a visit this week!

Why remake perfection? Can you really make a better movie out of the Evil Dead plot than the original or is this a hiding to nothing? Well, considering how bad this could have been, we’re getting off quite lightly as the reviews are all average to good. It’s directed by the guy who made… nothing really! Fede Alvarez is listed on IMDB as having made four shorts before this, so it’s his first feature film! Hard to believe that producers Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell let him near it, although I’m sure they watched over every scene. The worst it’s being accused of is lacking the humor or creativity of the original, so worth seeing I guess.

Love is all you need is getting surprisingly good reviews, and could be Pierce Brosnan’s first good movie since… ahhh, ok, possibly just his first good movie. It also shows him taking a bit of a risk, as he’s working with Danish director Susanne Bier (Brothers and In a Better World). It may even make up for those awful Sky ads he’s in at the moment.

This movie has slipped out without much fuss, which is odd considering those involved. It’s directed by Gus Van Sant and stars Matt Damon and Frances McDormand so lots of good things about it! Promised Land is getting average reviews and tells the story of corporate greed in small town America.

King of the Travellers tells the story of warring tribes and is written and directed by Mark O’Connor. Most reviews are average/ positive so check out the trailer below and make your own mind up!

Gerard Butler stars in Olympus has Fallen as a one man kick ass team  and battles against all blah, blah, blah. God, they couldn’t even make a good trailer out of this turkey. I mean, look at it, you get bored about ten seconds into it. Morgan Freeman plays the president again, creative casting guys! Avoid like the plague.

There’s a tour movie called the Frames: In the deep shade that follows them for 18 months, and gets good reviews in all spots I checked, but is only ever really going to be for fans of the band.

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