Rob Manuel – The Bottom Half of the Internet – South Studios – 23-04-13


What is the bottom half of the internet? This is the lower half of most pages, the comment sections and other parts where the general public have their ‘right to reply’. Most of the proper journalists would say that this section is for crack pots and crazies to spout, rant and otherwise fill space, but is that just what they want you to think? Or is it actually another attempt to keep the general public down and stop them having their say?

This should be a fascinating talk/ discussion by Rob Manual of fame, who is someone with a unique view on the world. If you haven’t heard of Rob, that’s even more of a reason to head along!

This talk is combined with a shorter lecture by Ed Melvin on the world of virtual currencies and economies, such as the Bitcoin which has been all over the news for the last few weeks.

Facebook link is here.

You can buy tickets and read more on the topic on lecool here.

TUESDAY, APRIL 23rd, 7.30pm. €5. BYOB. @ South Studios

Rob Manuel

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