1,000th Post!

I’m typing this at the back of a conga line, which is jolly difficult! Yes, it’s a day of celebration for the workhorse crew, as we’ve reached another round number. Thanks to all our regular contributors, Roughan, John, Matthew, Ailish and me (Morgan). Also, thanks to those who wrote guest posts over the years, the Candepop girls Mary and Rebecca, and also L.A. and Barry. It was very much appreciated! It’s been fun over the last two and a half years, and here’s to the next thousand!

We’re now at (the word blog has now been banned, as we’re now an arts based web site!) and have changed the look of the site (which you hopefully noticed!). Here’s to Lana Del Rey, the post that won’t go away (google, you are a curse sometimes!). And here’s to you, the occasional reader, long may you stumble upon our little web site.

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