Is Lana Del Rey real or fake?

Ok, people have officially turned on Lana, and it was always going to happen. She released her first album under the name Lizzy Grant and looked like the photo above (cute girl next door type), and nothing much really happened. Then after being bitten by a radioactive marketing consultant she was tranformed into supermodel Lana Del Rey, and suddenly the world sat up and took notice.

She recently appeared on Saturday Night Live, a performance that was described as the worst on SNL ever. You can see it below (ok, it’s pretty bad).

Is Lana stiff, distant and weird? SNL do a good job of sticking up for her below, but not really I guess.

Does she deserve the abuse? Is there anything wrong with changing your name and having a make over? I’ve seen several films where that’s the basic story line, and no one ever complains it. Anyway, your thoughts below.

Update: The public has spoke, Lana is indeed a fake plastic watering can for her fake Chinese rubber plant. ‘meh, who cares’ did run a close second though, so the public is split on the decision. Thanks to all those who voted and I curse all those who didn’t!

Update Update: Another gritty expose of Lana here!

Update Update Update: Lana is playing Vicar Street! Details here.

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