Movies – 17-08-12 – Stranger than Fiction – Documentary Season

This worked out nicely, as there’s next to nothing of any quality released this week so I can focus on the Documentaries! Sly and his crew of older action heroes are back in Expendables 2, which takes a real beating from the critics, with their pens, not their fists! Take this Waltz was a movie I was quite looking forward to, as Michelle Williams was on a bit of a roll, but it has average to poor reviews. So, that only leaves a French Movie called ‘The Bird’ and an Irish one called ‘The Brothers’ and both sound average!

So, back to the Documentary festival in the IFI, there’s a full list of the events here and there’s a few talks with the film makers themselves, which are always fascinating! Of the movies themselves, there’s a few Arab Spring movies which might be worth a punt, but the big hitters are ‘The Interrupters’  by Steve James of Hoop Dreams fame, which deals with violence in Chicago, ‘Very, Extremely dangerous’ on a singer turned criminal. See what you think below…

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