Mark Kozelek – UK Blues

One of the stand out tracks on Mark Kozelek’s excellent new album is ‘UK Blues’ in which he details why he doesn’t like the UK, city by city! It features such gems as ‘It’s all the rage if your favourite colour is beige, London, London, Look right , look left, makes me think of death’.

‘Bristol, Bristol, cobblestones street, people missing teeth. Bristol, Bristol, is this really what people eat’.

I’ve often wondered why artists don’t write more songs about the monotony of touring, travelling, hotel rooms etc, and it’s possible that they don’t want to come off as miserable or complaining, this has never worried Mr. Kozelek. This is just one track from his new album ‘Among the Leaves’ in which the songs deal with subjects such as song writing, touring, v.d. and as ever, lost love. As my secondary school English teacher said ‘write about what you know’.

He was given a chance to lessen the blow in and interview with Uncut recently, and this is his reply. Full interview here.

Beyond the funny lines, it also seems to be quite a sad record. Would I be right in thinking that “UK Blues” is more about your homesickness than your dislike of these places? Or do you really think that about London, Bristol, Manchester?

“I’m homesick everywhere I go, but England has a negative effect on my spirit to a profound degree. That trip from Heathrow into London is worse than the flight over there. It’s just so grey and I’m not a pub person and the traffic in London gives me a heart attack. It’s not a comforting place on any level, to me.” – MK

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