The Pieces of Shit

Ok, first up, don’t go to ‘This is not the place’. There’s far too many good movies on at the moment to see that one. Go to ‘Into the Abyss’ or if you can still find it on anywhere, see ‘Once upon a time in Anatolia’. ‘This is not the place’ just seems a waste of acting talent. It has Sean Penn and Frances McDormand, but does nothing with them!

It’s a sweet enough road movie, and well shot at times, but doesn’t have much real depth to it, and Sean Penn is pretty annoying most of the time. Who knows why he decided to make it, but it’s his worst career move in a while.

The interesting thing about it though, is the pieces of shit, who are Will Oldham and David Byrne. Well, that’s what they call themselves on the soundtrack anyway. I guess they two of them love doing collaborations, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. There’s also an interesting piece by David Byrne on his involvement in the movie here.

Categories: Movies, Music

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