Rock and Roll and Alcohol – JD Roots

I guess since ever since I saw Layne Staley of Alice in Chains in the SFX, when one of the many stage diving fans got too close to his bottle of booze, he uttered the immortal line ‘Don’t touch my Jack, Jack’, I’ve been aware that the two subjects are pretty much inseparable.

Alcohol companies have been pushed away from advertising in sports, and have focused their efforts on musical events, which basically means free gigs that you can win for giving a marketing agents your age, address and e-mail address.

Jack Daniels are doing another such gig, like the Neil Hannon one they did last year. JDRoots as they call it, will feature the We cut corners, The Minutes and Delorentos playing covers of music from Ireland. So what can we expect? Van Morrison to Whipping boy and all in between. Sounds like it could be an interesting night, and free is free after all.

You can apply for tickets here.

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