Movies – 30-03-12 – Into the Abyss

A couple of good new ones this week, which is great news! It’s a week heavy on documentaries, which I’m never convinced about in the Cinema. Does it really add anything to the experience seeing a documentary on the big screen? I’m sure you have your own opinions.

First up, it’s Werner Herzog with a happy documentary about death row in the states. It looks fascinating, and well balanced, telling the story from both sides, the victims and the perpetrators.

Ok, now for the opposite extreme. Ardman studios are back in town, with a kids movie that looks warm and funny, and hopefully not solely aimed at selling action figures (who knows, maybe that is their only aim). If you have a small one, or can kidnap one, bring them to this!

When is a film not a film? Ah, when the director says it isn’t, and will possibly go to jail if it is! Jafar Panahi has been banned from writing or directing a film for 20 years, and imprisoned for 6 for his last efforts. Lets hope the Iranian authorities agree that it is not a film!

Otherwise, Wrath of the Titans looks like it’s muck, ‘Tiny Furniture’ tries too hard to be all cool and indie and Stree Dance 2 is Street Dance 2. The Island President is the other interesting release, and another documentary, this time about global warming in the Maldives.

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