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Music for Computer Games

It’s over a year since we were featured on the WordPress homepage with our Music for Computer Games post. That post was about an indie game called Minecraft which had absolutely beautiful music. Today I came across a composer called Jim Guthrie who penned the soundtrack for the seemingly wonderous game Sword & Sworcery EP. The game and the music garnered a lot of praise over the last year. A new film about indie games is being aired in SXSW called Indie Game: The Movie. Guthrie has composed the soundtrack for this also. He really is worth checking out. Some of the tracks on the Sword & Sworcery EP are very beautiful indeed. I was never a big gamer but I’m starting to see the magic in the ability to combine a compelling story and gameplay with not only beautiful music, but music that enhances the gaming experience. I’m looking forward to checking out the movie.


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