Hipsters – Example 1

A hipster walks into a bar and says “This bar sucks, it’s full of hipsters”… Ah, the plight of the hipster. Inspired by Morgan’s post about the worst bands of all time, this video made me start laughing out loud (that’s LOL btw). I was watching a clip of Nicolas Jaar with the whole hipster band thing fresh in my mind and then suddenly just after the piece ended, it showed the crowd and, yeah, that’s when I started laughing. For a very good example of hipsters at work, look at the video from 6:14 onwards… those dudes. And those braces. And that dance! And finally the demented funky chicken at 6:40…

Morgan, you once had a run in with a fixie? maybe there’s a hipster post in there?

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  1. How did the Hipster burn his tongue? He ate his dinner before it was cool. Actually that was Ro’s post on ‘the worst albums ever’! He’s back blogging like crazy, and there’s even
    talk of a well considered ‘best albums of 2011’!

    Still haven’t recovered from the run in with a fixie. Brakes are put on bicycles for a reason you know.

    Did you hear about the Hipster bird? He flew south before it was cool. I’m here all week…

    • well i’ll be! i look forward to the 2012 edition of Ro’s best albums of 2011 😉

      I heard those hipster jokes before btw, in fact I have them on vinyl…
      BA DUM TISH!

      • Ah, I just have a longer gestation period with music than you guys, what can I say?

        I’m so suburban these days that I thought hipsters were jeans… Sorry, very poor.

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