Worst Bands Ever…

Always an interesting discussion, and for me an enjoyable one. Personally I’m not sure how any such list can exclude The Cranberries. Anyway, this has a couple of entries to upset the hipsters amongst you, but I thought it was fun…


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  1. Maybe Cranberries should go on a list of bands who went horribly, horribly, HORRIBLY wrong after a good (or in their case inoffensive) debut? That might be a fun one to compile.

  2. That worst bands list has LCD Soundsystem at no. 3! Madness.

    It is odd though, as it’s not really a list of worst bands, but more a list of bands they think are over rated. The worst band never released an album if you think about it.

    Loads of bands go horribly wrong after a first or second album, and often have huge success doing it. hmm…

    • It’s a mixed bag of a worst ever, some being genuinely bad, some merely over-rated. You’d have to look at the likes of Genesis, Scooter, etc if you’re looking for genuine dross.

      I like the idea of bands who went horribly wrong after a decent start – Smashing Pumpkins would be high on that list (not so much for Siamese Dream, but from Melancholy…. onwards, yikes!).

  3. None of the bands here bar two piqued my interest (as the others all fair contenders in many ways and I kinda don’t care about them I guess). those two are the obvious ones, Animal Collective and LCD Soundsystem. I have to say, I loved Feels by AC but like the writer here I tried to love Merriweather but just couldn’t. It could not be loved. Was it even any good? It got album of the year on Pitchfork that year I think (which is madness in my opinion). In the case of LCD, again I loved Sound of Silver but I just could not love the next one, This is Happening. Again, it just wasn’t that good!

  4. Yeah, but regardless of whether it’s a good LCD or AC album or not, the worst band ever? I don’t think any band on the list deserve to be on it, as they could all play their instruments and most of them could sing etc.

  5. I’d agree with both, the last LCD is simply not as good as its predecessors, and Merriweather, well, that just left me confused and frustrated (it sucked live too, irritatingly).

    Morgs, would it make you more comfortable if we made extended the title to ’20 Worst Professional Bands Signed to an Internationally Distributed Label, and Who Have Had Big Selling Records’? Obviously there are worse bands than those on the list, but thankfully you don’t generally come across them (barring weddings and the odd ill-timed night in a bar).

    Hmm, Meatloaf…

    • Not even that’s enough, the post should be called ’20 major bands that I randomly think are over rated, or who possibly just had one dodgy album I’d like to complain about’. I guess that’s not as catchy though.

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