Movies – 17-02-12 – JDIFF

Movie fever has hit Dublin, with the Film Festival in full swing today. There’s also some good deals here for the next hour and ten minutes! It’s 1 to 3 everyday and worth a look.

In the real world, this weeks movie are an ugly bunch. Tom Hanks new movie is based a lovely book by Jonathan Safran Foer ‘Extremely loud and incredibly close’. When I heard this movie was being made, I was excited, when i heard it had Tom Hanks in it that excitement diminished, and when I saw the trailer, I had no more interest. The critics have confirmed my assumptions, so avoid it like the plague.

The Woman on the Fifth is what the guardian describes as a ‘very Polish Romantic thriller’. Quite what that means, I’m not sure, but it’s probably the best thing released this week, as it gets average reviews, and nothing else even achieves that!

Ghostrider is the movie that the critics turn on though! Sadly, I still remember reading ghostrider comics from my teen years, where I actually thought he was pretty cool. Ok, I just watched the trailer and it looks amazing, I’m going regardless! (I’m not actually).

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  1. Who convinced Tom Hanks to try his hand at anything other than his excellent early films – Splash, Big, Joe Versus the Volcano (okay, that one’s a stretch…) – he was brilliant in that sort of role. As a serious actor though, well, there are a couple of decent performances, but really he just lacks a certain gravitas, for me.

    Still, he’s almost invariably preferable to Nick Cage, who has become a rock solid guarantee of an awful film.

    Skip this week’s releases and watch ‘Of Gods and Med’ instead.

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