Movies – 03-02-12 – Chronicle

Oh happy day, I think we have a good sci fi movie on our hands! Even more exciting is that it’s one of those found footage movies that just make you think ‘I could of made that’ but obviously you couldn’t. It’s the story of kids that get special powers and then one of them goes a bit mental. Not the most original idea, but I’ve read enough Marvel comics to be considered a sucker for this type of thing. Strangely, all the press I checked give it good reviews, and I want to see it (possibly tonight actually).

Now that I’ve stopped going all sci-fi nerd on you, normal service is resumed. Ahem.

Martha Marcy May Marlene is another one getting praise from most quarters, and is the story of a young girl on the run from a hippie cult. It stars an Olsen, but not one of the twins, their younger sister Elizabeth. Actually, I might go to this also.

Young Adult is made by Jason Reitman (Juno), and stars Charlize Theron and looks pretty good also. A woman going back to her home town to try and win back the man she loved in high school, who has long since moved on.

So, that’s three good movies, which is pretty amazing in one week. So what else is left? Ah, there’s a new Roman Polanski! Sadly ‘Carnage’ doesn’t get mixed reviews, and what with all the other ones I want to see, I think I’ll give it a miss. Man on a ledge and Jack and Jill both get one star reviews in the Times, but maybe they had used up all their stars on the other movies, and had none left over! There’s also some other movies called Journey 2, which stars people I haven’t heard of and is aimed at kids I think.

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