Jane Says…

You may already know this, but Jane’s Addiction will release a new album in August, titled ”The Great Escape Artist”. They’ve already annonced a limited number of European festival hows, which will hopefully be augmented with some standalone gigs in due course.

If you join the maining list there’s a free download on at the moment too, a new song called “End to the Lies”. You can get to the downloads if you follow this link: http://janesaddiction.com/splash

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  1. Had heard something about that, and some member of TV on the radio was playing bass with them for a while also… Just looked it up and its Dave Sitek of TV on the radio, and he’s producing the album also.

    Perry is now 51! His was is on some reality tv show also, which is obviously terrible.

    I still want to see them though…

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