It would be a sin to go to the Cinema, on a sunny day like this…

Cold Fish is liked by the Times, who says it ‘unforgiving swipes at societal sicknesses and national flaws’, the Guardian says ‘freaky, but is far too long and wearying’. I guess I’ll wait for dvd, if even.

Snap is a movie by Carmel Winters, that the Irish times seems to like, but it is dangerous, as it is Irish, so the reviewer is probably a second cousin of the production assistant, so they cannot be believed.

One for the kids is ‘Rio’ the story of a bird that can’t fly, that gets three stars off anyone and everyone.

Not a great week at the cinema, but…  it would be a sin on the sunniest day this year. Go sit in the sun. You look sickly, and take off that black jumper also!

Categories: Movies

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