Record Store Day – Tower Records

Record Store day (16th April) is an event to get people back into those stores that they used to frequent, before the internet existed. I read an interview with one record store owner who compared it to owning an angling store these days, in that you only get middle aged men coming into you! It has been a rough few year for record stores with the likes of Comet, Freebird (on the quays), City Discs, Golden Discs (Grafton Street) and Road Records closing among many others. Some of these spots used to be nice spots to visit, and losing them is a loss to Dublin, but we have to move with the times I guess, and it’s not only record stores closing out there.

Tower Records is one of the few remaining independently owned record stores still left in Dublin, as we are fast approaching a time where only the chain stores remain. They’ve a quite amazing list of bands coming to play in store on the day, with Lykke Li, Steve Mason, A Hawk And A Hacksaw, Enemies, The Answer, The Kanyu Tree and Squarehead all listed from midday.

Tower also have a free event in the Workmans Club that night with Ollie Cole, Cloud Castle Lake, Sacred Animals, We Cut Corners and The Durties with doors open at 8 PM.

You can find out about other stores involved here. The site itself seems to be quite general, and doesn’t list the events in each store, which is a pity. Maybe closer to the date.

Here’s Neil Hannon standing on the counter in Road Records, on a record store day a few years ago.

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